Girls’ Night Out by Dave Simpson (August 2015)

Why has Tony recently been spending lots of time in his room, playing Rod Stewart hits at top volume? His mum Ivy doesn’t see anything strange in this, at least until Ivy organises a hen night for the heavily pregnant Jane, Tony’s fiancée Nicola and the worldly Sara at the ‘Feast of Flesh’ male strip club, where all – or nearly all – is soon revealed.

It turns out to be a hen night Jane will never forget, as during the course of the evening secrets as well as flesh are exposed by the men and women alike. And how will the prim Nicola react to her discovery of Tony’s new career as a male stripper? When mothers, wives, sisters and fiancées are confronted with revelations of an altogether different kind, can their lives ever be the same again? And will Jane still be having a wedding in the morning?

The laughter, energy and friendship of the characters creates a vibrancy that adds a touching poignancy to the tears, confusions and painful honesty the night reveals, but as the heat is turned up on the ‘Feast of Flesh’ finale, audiences will be joining Ivy, Jane, Nicola and Sara in shouting out for more!

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